What can a good stand builder do for you?

Your company has reached the level where you wish to be a part of the buzz. You wish to exhibit your brand and your products and you wish to get direct contact with your current and potential customers. So you decide to attend  the next big exhibition in your industry.

Here you have two options: go with the shell scheme (standard stand, offered by organiser) or customise your exhibit. Having a shell scheme booth helps you keeping the budget low. It  can help you be present amongst all the “big boys” and prove that you are relevant to the industry you operate within. But at the end of the day, it still is a shell scheme.

But, having a customised stand means that you are getting in focus, you are giving your target audience a lasting experience that ultimately engages them with your brand. Every detail matters. A stand builder can shape your brand into effective design concept and maximize your presence at an exhibition and the engagement with your audience.

A good stand builder usually offers you turn key services from the design of your exhibit to project management of the build-up. It can assure you that your presence will get noticed and you will be as successful as you planned to be.

So difference between attending a show with a shell scheme exhibit versus customised stand is not only costs. It makes the difference of visibility, creativity, power, relevance.