Want the specialist’s advice for exhibiting to International shows in Europe? We have asked the President of the global association of Exhibition and Live Marketing Services IFES (International Federation of Exhibition and Events), Voicu SFERDIANU, and here are his top 5 tips for a successful exhibiting experience:

Exhibition and event marketing are always one of the most expensive components on any company’s marketing mix budget. The cost for exhibitions and events may be high but surely must be viewed as an investment to reap the rewards and measure the full benefits of face to face marketing.

Tip # 1 Define the scope

Define the scope of your attendance to the Exhibition. Discuss it extensively with your standbuilder!
Some major exhibit design considerations- Raised floor or carpet? The raised floor is not necessarily used only as a way to hide electric cords and create a level floor. Its function is often viewed by the exhibitor as a stage to invite guests to your kingdom. Hanging ID sign-permitted? Costs for rigging? Weight allowance per hanging point? Lighting above or within? Bar area and kitchen included? Catering or not? Private seating areas or open? Live presentation? One on one discussions?

Tip # 2 Budget budget budget

Budget budget budget! Carefully define your budget for the Exhibition. Include the costs of the stand building, space rental, fees to be paid to the organizer, logistics for shipping out the products you want to exhibit, travel, daily allowance and lodging for your staff, giveaways and unforeseen expenses.

Tip # 3 Marketing tactics

Marketing tactics and exhibit designs that work well in one country do not necessarily work the same in another. Investigate what is different. Build your strategy together with your standbuilder!

Tip # 4 Don’t go it alone!

Don’t go it alone! Work with an experienced partner from the region, or one who is  familiar with the venue and event. Previous experience of your standbuilder with same show or venue will turn into being a major asset. A good understanding of the Technical guide and Safety rules may save you a lot of money when done properly.

Tip # 5 Get local support

Get local support. During the exhibit set-up as well as during the show you may need miscellaneous services or deliveries. Arrange with your standbuilder for an “Exhibition butler” that has knowledge of local stores, restaurants, public transport, etc. It will turn into a good investment eventually!

Hence, carefully prepare your Exhibitions, try to avoid last minute planning and always remember that part of a success story is the way you set the table for the success to come.