A whole week to “Learn it differently”!

During spring we all like to refresh and add on new things and experiences… great weather, flowers blossom and our batteries recharge.

In this period, within Romanian schools there is this programme called “A different week!”. This is a programme where schools partner up with companies, NGO’s and entrepreneurs and they get to show their students what non formal education means and allow them to schedule their own activities for the week. Students get the opportunity of proposing their own schedule and classroom activities, they get to choose what they want to learn and where they want to practice what they’ve learned.

We have the pleasure of participating in this programme each year and offer students an overview of our daily activity. This year we had Sandra with us, a student that wanted to know what we do and how we do it… she wanted to experience the “working hours” feeling and to get the insight of our exhibition solutions.

She was with us for 5 days and she experienced a little bit of all stages that an exhibit goes through: from the project management structure to concept and design, to logistics and storage.

We enjoyed her presence and we encourage all students to try this experience, it can help you decide on what you wish to do in the future!

After the “different’week, we received an email from Sandra and we are extremely happy about it!

Hello, my name is Sandra and i’m 17 years old at the moment. I was at XDS for 5 days and it was a very pleasant experience.

Once I got there, I was taught a little about XDS and the whole process. As I am not a specialist, every little detail which my mind hasn’t made clear, it was explained to me.

My job there was to make a data base. It was not my particular job that I loved most, but the whole experience as I was treated like an employee. I also got to learn more about other departments from XDS, and I’ll have to admit, I liked most what Ioana does because she can talk to people and after that, maybe even meet them.

I know that I want a job that won’t keep me home. I want to travel and see most of the world. Before I came to XDS it was clear to me that I want to become a psychologist, but I would have been kind of forced to work from behind a desk. Furthermore, I studied the problem a little and I may be able to mix the love for the human mind with human interaction and travelling.

In conclusion, working for XDS led up to my expectations, for sure. It has everything it needs: a good system, nice people and dedication. I hope one day we will collaborate again, and I surely hope I didn’t disappoint you and your team.