15 days of Christmas tips with XDS

On the 15 days of Christmas we want to share with you the best of our experience and knowledge! We will share some tips on how to have an impressive presence and what can you do to stand out when you exhibit internationally. Follow us in December for some useful insight.

  1. Find your strategic partner!

Find the best stand builder and transform its team into your own strategic partner. This can offer you peace of mind while delivering measurable results and memorable experiences for your visitors.


  1. Develop trust!

Your stand builder needs to provide creative and functional solutions in lively communicating your marketing goals. You need to be able to rely on that result.


  1. Be different!

An exhibition is the moment your audience can already touch your business. Show them your brand and take your presence to the next level by having a fully personalized stand.


  1. Believe in quality!

Showcase the quality of your products and services throughout your exhibition stand. Make sure you choose the builder that best fits your brand needs and that guarantees quality from design to set up.


  1. Get the smartest solution!

From stress to piece of mind: make a step to get a high quality stand with a smart budget!


  1. Learn from experience!

Your partner’s experience makes a big difference. Choose to work with stand builders that have the experience and the ongoing passion for producing unique environments.


  1. Add value to your team!

Make sure that you work with perfection driven people that are excited to be part of your team.


  1. Consider a change!

Investing in your image can actually save you time and resources while increasing the number of visitors and your partnerships. It can also ensure the maximum return on investment.


  1. Have an outstanding design!

Impress your visitors and your competition instantly by having an engaging stand that encompasses both form and function.


  1. Have an active presence!

Create a specific action plan for the event you are attending. Focus your energy and organize your staff to meet the objectives of your participation at the exhibition.


  1. Showcase your products and services!

Think about a design that can underline the importance of your products or services from the first moment


  1. Be confident!

Communicating your brand is very important as well as building trust. Just be yourself and invite visitors and clients to interact with your brand.


  1. Be memorable!

First impression is the key to a memorable and relevant brand experience. Let your stand showcase the quality of your products and services!


  1. Test your new products!

Exhibitions can be a great medium to get direct feedback on your new products or services! Your target group might be among the visitors so just ask the questions…


  1. Be impressive!

Impress your visitors and your competition instantly.